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      Injection Molded Plastics

      Simplomatic can handle all aspects of your plastic injection program from concept and part design to the finished product. Through the use of our own molding facility we have developed experience in maintainability and reliability of molds. We take this knowledge into every program to help customers design a better product with a longer running mold.

      We are able to sample molds, run capability studies, produce short-run prototype parts or run long-term production cycles. This capability is an important part of our comprehensive full-service package.

      • High quality injection molded plastic parts
      • Single cavity and multi cavity molds
      • Insert molding
      • Low to medium quantities
      • Materials used include nylon, polycarbonate, acetal, ABS, LDPE, PS materials
      • Injection molding presses for .25 to 4.4 ounce (10 to 80 tons)
      • Assembly and secondary operations and services available

      1616 Berkley Street
      Elgin, IL 60123
      Phone: 773.342.7757
      Fax: 773.342.8329