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      Tooling Solutions

      At Simplomatic, we believe the quality of the tool controls the quality of the part. Thus, we maintain the highest tooling standards. We build quality into tools and dies from the beginning concept to the finished product, and welcome early involvement with your designers to ensure that your requirements meet the inherent capabilities of the stamping process. Our commitment ensures our customers the best product available and offers the lowest total costs for your project.

      All dies are designed and built in-house by dedicated craftsmen. Our experienced staff of tool makers takes pride in fulfilling all of our customer's challenges. Every staff member understands the importance of on time deliveries and the absolute best quality. We can even take your older tools, refurbish them, and improve the quality of your current parts. Tool transfers are our specialty.

      We are proud to serve both new and established customers and look forward to providing your company with a long history of top quality products and customer satisfaction. From precision prototypes to spare parts, we adapt to your needs!

      • Draw Dies
      • Progressive Dies
      • Compound Dies
      • Blank and Form Dies
      • Spare Parts for Maintenance

      1616 Berkley Street
      Elgin, IL 60123
      Phone: 773.342.7757
      Fax: 773.342.8329